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There are more videos people have built for us available on our YouTube channel that will help you understand the RAM ministry. This video in particular will show you in less than 5 minutes a “big picture” of what it is like to travel from the Yukon River Bridge to Stevens Village.  That would be the closest of numerous villages that could be reached from the only bridge crossing the worlds 5th largest river.  You will also ‘see’ an example of the hundreds of people along Alaska’s rivers that are only accessible by river travel who are not living in a village.  This video was published in 2012 for the purpose of communicating two major projects that needed to be funded to help our family in the ministry.  Since that time the garage need has been met.  As you can see under the Past Projects tab, God supplied a miracle.  The second project, the long-range, shallow running, river boat is almost complete. You can view this as it is currently happening under the Current Project tab. This boat is being built in partnership with the Wooldridge Boat company, in our opinion, the best possible option available!  By God’s grace and continued provision, this too should be moved to Past Projects soon…

“First Soulwinning Trip on the Cosna River”, was published in November 2016. After traveling for four consecutive days on the Yukon and Tanana rivers covering more than 500 miles, my oldest four boys and I spent an entire day looking for homesteads that we discovered via Google Earth imagery on the Cosna River. If you look at these coordinates (N64-44.430 W151-33.520), I believe that you will concur that this truly epitomizes “the uttermost part of the earth”, spoken of in Acts 1:8. We were blessed to visit two homesteads and found numerous getaway cabins where we left Gospel of John and Romans scriptures that were provided by Lighthouse Baptist Press. You will see only a few of the challenges in this video, however this covers an entire day in and out with new obstacles every few minutes. We spent an additional night on board the boat on the Cosna, in order to have an entire day to make the 130 mile trip back to the road system before traveling home. At the conclusion, we had covered over 700 miles by river, and 1,050 miles by road, in only 7 days. None of this would be possible, were it not for the faithful monthly support and prayers from numerous churches and individuals.

Later in November 2016, Nathan started playing this song on his guitar and Caleb, Aaron, and Joshua practiced singing it. One night after church, I joined them and we recorded it so that Nathan could put the music with this video that he had been working on over the last several days.

Skwentna is the closest place the Remote Alaska Missions ministry preaches in on a regular basis. Even being so close, it takes nearly 5 hours of travel time each way. This shows the simple way to get there in the summer with a large crew. The newest boat featured here, the “Steinway”, has hauled it’s largest crew of 17 to Skwentna. This video was produced on our last summer trip for the 2016 season.

The winter trips are much more difficult as the day light hours are much shorter and require about 120 miles of snowmachine travel round trip.

We hope that this gives you a quick idea of what a one day trip would entail.

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