Ross Family

Having been raised in church and surrendering to the ministry, the Lord has been preparing me and my family to minister in America’s backyard. While deployed in Afghanistan, I was blessed to have had cross-cultural experience, with opportunities to preach the Gospel during my service there. God has been preparing me for remote missions work over these many years by learning several trade jobs and having gained experience in ministerial work; through teaching, preaching, discipling, and soul winning around the word.

As time went on, a missionary family on furlough gave our church an update of their ministry in Alaska. After hearing their burden for the need of many more missionaries in Alaska, God placed a desire and a deep burden within me and my family to fulfill the Great Commission and to go, preach, and make disciples in Alaska’s remote villages. After making several trips to Alaska, it is our desire to answer God’s call and serve as missionaries to the forgotten back yard of America