The Roach Family

My wife and I were both raised in Christ-centered, Christian homes.  We both had the privilege of receiving Christ at an early age and were blessed with the chance to grow up in a normal, stable environment.  I came to Alaska with my family as missionaries and Sylvia came to Alaska when her dad received orders to Elmendorf Air Force Base.  We met shortly thereafter at church and were married in 1994.  We have been best friends all these years!

We started into the ministry as a young married couple and the Lord added our four children over the next several years, Prissy, Autumn, Remington, and Gage.  We have served the Lord as a family ever since.  Our children have all spent their lives in nursing homes ministry, door-to-door soulwinning, village evangelism, and various other church related ministries.  Our goal as a family is to love God and love people.

Our desire as we move forward is to stay close to God, love him more, reach the lost with the gospel, see more churches started in America, and try to rally like-minded churches to reproduce other fundamental, independent, Baptist churches!

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