The Ross Family

September- October Newsletter

We are so excited to update ya’ll on our last 2020 Newsletter regarding September & October! To be totally honest life on deputation feels like a blink of an eye, its always go go go, but it’s also been full of unexpended blessings for our family this year that the blink is never a burden. A pastor we’ve set under in the past has told us life is “busy good” when living for Jesus.

We are so grateful, and to start off our newsletter, we first want to thank everyone who have blessed our family during this season of life, whatever it may have been: A place to park our camper, utilities, love offerings, goodie baskets to our daughters, hosting us for breakfast, lunches, or dinners, care packages, letters of encouragement! Justin and I truly are so humbled and thankful for all who have blessed us so unexpectedly that I’ve cried multiple times tears of Joy because God’s people all across the country have such giving hearts! Just for a few examples how God has been God to our family: A lady I’ve never met walked up to me at our information table handed me gift and then gave all three of our daughters brand new pink leather bound KJV Bibles, and to throw in some humor none of them can read fluently yet, Harmony is reading beginner books but they all were so thrilled to get a Bible that they carry them to church. It makes me happy to see their excitement of receiving a gift that wasn’t expected and to see them treasure God’s Word at such a young age. Justin was given a beautiful leather wide margin Bible as well from a man who just wanted to be a blessing! We were able to know this man better during Labor Day weekend at a Church Family Camp in Oregon.

Back in July we could have never imagined all the people and churches we’ve met in such a short time and to really understand what deputation is all about, “Living by Faith.” It truly is the greatest way to live! We were thankful to have met Missionaries and Pastors at the Pacific North West Family Camp in July before hitting the road traveling raising support. Having had that time of fellowship and observation from ‘Men of God’ and their testimonies really helped us put our faith not in ourselves but in God. Then to attend a Home missions conference in Yakima WA for 3 ays was such a blessing and encouragement! For we know not what tomorrow may bring…. and it is our pleasure to live a life pleasing to God, separate from this World, that others may see the Light of Jesus through our family!

September and October we’ve been in 17 different churches, 1 Home missions conference, and have traveled over 2800 miles. Praise the Lord all of our Sundays have been filled and sometimes we visit two churches in one Sunday which makes for a very busy Lords Day! We are thrilled when we can book a meeting for Wednesdays because our Hope, Faith, Prayer and determination is too be in Alaska the last week of July 2021. We’d like to try and get settled before the new schoolyear, and before the seasons change. In all reality if we are to book a meeting every Sunday from July 2020 to July 2021, we would have 56 meetings that’s if we only get one church a week. I share this with you so you can be praying with our family the desire of our heart is to only be on deputation for one-year tops. “The fields are white already to harvest” and by faith we will be there in July. With God all things are possible Matthew 19:26

The last week in September I developed hives and apparently its a thing some women get in their third trimester. I had them every day for three weeks straight and it’s been my first pregnancy to ever experience hives, Never in my life have I had hives and to now know what reoccurring pain feels like, I’m have more sympathy for others that may experience a similar aliment. I have four weeks left with Cherrity’s pregnancy and the hives have turned into every other day which is weird we don’t know what or why but I’m just thankful I’m almost to the finish line and Lord willing the Hives never return once Cherrity is in my arms!

We cherish our fellowship with loved ones and friends during this time of rest in Oklahoma. It has been refreshing and very much needed for our family while we finished out the month of October visiting a few churches in Oklahoma before Cherrity tells us her Birthday! Please keep praying that all goes well for mother, baby and family as we transition into a family of six.

We are thrilled to have met so many new people in our life and keep looking forward at sharing the Gospel to every person we meet. Literally, I walk in a gas station, if I don’t ask them if they know Jesus or have a Home Church, Harmony reminds me and takes the initiative. Pretty sweet to be raising ‘Little Missionaries’ for the next Generation. Praise the Lord we Love you all thank you for your prayers and we look forward from hearing from you soon! Until we meet again, there is coming a Day! Love in Christ the Ross Family!