The Pinnix Family

September 2023 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your prayers and words of encouragement the past few months. Things have been busier than normal. We now have snow on the mountains as we finish preparing for winter. We concluded our last trip of the summer season yesterday. John has been busy with vehicle maintenance, boat trailer repair, planning trips to the bush and the lower 48, and getting firewood put up for the coming winter. We have gotten 2 of our snowmachines back from the shop repaired and ready to go. We still need to purchase a new track for a 3rd one. We are taking the RIG to the lower 48 to have an oil leak addressed and the engine looked over. Two local service centers want to replace the engine! It will be in the lower 48 for the winter season so John and the guys are back to using the snowmachine trailer and towing with an Excursion. Before the first winter trip the trailer needs some maintenance and new tires to be road worthy.

Last weekend we had 5 people attend services in Rampart and 5 in Stevens Village as well. We had several people come to Alaska this summer for trips and to check in with us and see how they can help on the home front. We’ve had supporting pastors, as well as young men interested in ministry in Alaska take trips with us. The help was very much appreciated. It’s great to have people visit that want to help and are earnestly looking for what God has for them.

This summer, in addition to our normal monthly circuit we were able to go to Coldfoot, AK to hold services a few times. We’ve had up to 4 people attend these services. Coldfoot is basically a truck stop, and the workers have 12-hour shifts, 7 days a week, so finding a good time to have services is a challenge. John and Joel took 7 people to Tanana for a 3-day VBS and preaching service in July. They had several children and adults attend the meeting. Plus, a John and Romans was put on every door, and some were airdropped using new powered paragliding equipment.

Pray for God’s leading, direction, and perfect will concerning a new church in North Pole getting involved. We are still needing full-time help right away; however, if the people at Cornerstone Baptist Church commit to working the interior circuit this will take a huge load off of us and allow to go to new places. They are 6 hours closer to the Yukon River.

Thank you for again your prayers and continued support.
The Pinnix Family