The Pinnix Family

September 2020 News Letter

Hello Everyone,

The current situation in Alaska is similar to elsewhere in the lower 48. We are still waiting to be able to set foot in villages again and hold services in their church buildings and pray in their homes. That being said, we have continued our ministry via boat anchored in the river and ministering to people on the bank when we show up.

We had the privilege of taking the Francini family into the interior with us this past quarter. Dean, Anne, and Caden were able to see the interior circuit that they had only heard about. We were able to go to all three villages and have services on the river. We were also able to take a family of four from our sending church on the circuit. We were able to make it to Stevens Village and Rampart but didn’t make it to Healy Lake due to weather. Wind gusts of 40–70 mph were deemed unsafe. I was able to contact a man in that village, and he said they had 4-foot waves on the water all day. My plan is to make one more trip before the rivers begin to freeze. We are praying that we can make it to all three villages with 4 young men from our church.

We are still considering going down to the lower 48 and spending some time visiting supporting churches. Pray with us as of right now the Canadian border is closed. Unless you have military orders or paperwork of a job waiting, they aren’t letting anyone through. I have a supporting pastor that is going to mail me a letter stating that he wants us for work purposes. I have several churches that have asked that we come by, so plenty of work to be done. We would love to come by all our supporting churches but just not sure how many we can get to.

Please pray for the many villages in Alaska that are currently without a preacher. Cordova, King Salmon, Kaltag, and Nome are some of the villages with a building, but no pastor. I have had some people interested in holding services in some of these places but covid restrictions in most of the villages make it unlikely that people can get in and back out. Pray that things will open up soon or that I can hold services in other villages.

Since my last letter Caleb has gotten married and has headed off for Coast Guard boot camp. Please continue to pray for him. Also Nathan is planning a December wedding in North Carolina which we hope to be a part of. Wow, time has flown by.

Thank you,
The Pinnix Family