The Pinnix Family

September 2019 Newsletter

Praying Friends,

As always we are grateful for each one that prays for us and supports us financially. My parents health continues to be precarious. I know that many of you pray for them, please continue. It does Make a difference.

We have had about 15 folks from the lower 48 come and check out the ministry. You may get tired of reading this, but the invitation is still valid for others to come up here. The main purpose is the hope that your eye will affect your heart. Pray for the Matt Scarry family. They are very much submitted to serve the Lord where ever He wants them. I am also constantly asking the Lord to show me more as well. Let me explain.

While we have been faithfully doing what we have always done in the interior, another door has opened. I hope to be able to add another region of the state to our efforts to give the gospel. Just last weekend, I was able to fly to Nome to check out the only remaining Baptist church there. What drew my interest was the new interim pastor who has a deep burden to reach the other villages around Nome. I said, “Let’s talk” and he said, “When can you come?” After visiting his family and preaching to the church, I am certain that the Lord is going to do something with those folks that’s never happened in Alaska and I want to be a part of it. Will you join us? We are in the planning stage of starting a circuit ministry there. We would need more snowmachines before anything could happen this winter but an airplane may be available when summer hits to reach an even greater area! I have referenced Jeremiah 8:20 before, but it is still true. Many out there “are not saved”.

I am so glad that even though summer is ending, we have another season to see a harvest. It won’t be long now and we will begin “the winter harvest” using snowmachines to travel to the villages where ever there is an open door to preach and give the gospel. A church earlier in 2019 bought us a new sled, but the two old ones are getting very tired. In addition, if we start going to Nome to travel among the 20+ villages in that region, new snowmachines are a must. We need wisdom explaining the constant need for equipment to churches so they can get behind us. The boat trailer still needs new axles and the RIG had a substantial repair needed which is still not done. If you come and take a trip with us, you can better understand and appreciate what I’m saying.

We have one more chance to get the boat into the interior before freeze up. October 4-7 will be the last opportunity for all of us to go as a family to minister to folks in those villages. After that, most of our efforts will be centered around getting snowmachine equipment ready for the winter season. I will be traveling to other churches to present the need for more equipment, repairing what we have, and as always, more laborers for the harvest! We need prayer for “People, Provision, and Protection”.

Thank you,
The Pinnix Family

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