The Pinnix Family

September 2018 Newsletter

Hello from Alaska

This letter captures the conclusion of our busiest summer ever. We were able to go to the interior nearly every other weekend. The blessings, though really innumerable, include 13 people from the lower 48 coming to experience the RAM ministry, only two services WITHOUT a first time visitor in one village, and for the most part, only blown tires to slow us down. That said, we have had 5 blowouts and need to replace even more tires before they do the same. You just can’t imagine these road conditions until you have actually travelled them. God has protected our family and friends covering over 7,000 miles by road and 1,600 by river this season.

In addition to travel in the interior, Janet and I were blessed to go to Dillingham again. Pastor Abrams and his dear wife are doing a great work there shining the light of the Gospel in the Bristol Bay region. This is another place I would like to see a RAM ministry going full-time, in addition to the two efforts being made in Southeast Alaska. Please pray with me in obedience to Matt 9:38, that He will send forth laborers into HIS harvest. Many villages in these regions are PACKED with religion, but they need the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be preached in them. “How shall the hear without a preacher, how the preach except they be sent?”

Not only have we been busy preaching in Alaska, I have been able to make a few trips to the lower 48 where we have been blessed to present the needs of the ministry and Aaron and I will be headed to a third one next week. That said, if you would like my family to come to your church, there is a possibility of making that happen over the next two months while the rivers freeze enough for snowmachine travel. My family enjoys showing the field to those in the lower 48 who many times assume Alaska is just like Alabama with snow.

We want to say “Thank you”, to each one that has helped us financially the last few months. In addition to faithful monthly support, many have given extra. We have been very blessed with the Lord meeting some special needs. We were blessed to get a new cover for the boat, a few new tires, hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel, and a brand new chainsaw! There are lots of other projects that we need help funding, such as renovating the RIG for reliability in sub-zero temperatures, a heavier duty boat trailer as the original one constantly has brake problems and is worn out, replacing the oldest snowmachine, and MORE TIRES. We need help with these projects as well as new monthly support to maintain, and improve our equipment for the ministry so that we can go to more villages with the gospel. Please pray for wisdom to know how to accomplish all that is set before us. Thank you for praying for us, supporting the ministry, and serving the Lord!

The Pinnix Family

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