The Pinnix Family

September 2017 Newsletter

Hello All,

In continuing the theme of thankfulness I will tell you some things we are thankful for. It goes without saying that we are thankful for the prayers and faithful support from you! If it weren’t for God’s protection and provision, then none of the following would have happened this summer.

We are thankful that we have the privilege to serve the Lord in Alaska. We had a major change when Nathan began bible college this fall, everyone in the bush misses his guitar and so do we! We are thankful that the other boys have stepped up to fill the gap, that more people from our church in Anchorage have seen a need to be more involved, and that supporting pastors from the lower 48 continue to pour in and travel with us to preach in these tiny villages
The summer began with much difficulty in getting the boat ready. There was a modification that the manufacturer suggested to get more range out of the boat. This did help, but not before numerous hours were spent, both in the field and in the garage working on the fuel system. My boys helped with the mechanical issues. Friends helped with numerous hours of fuel transfers and cleaning spills. We are thankful that it is all done and everything is more economical and reliable.

The captions on the enclosed pictures should be very informative. However, let me say that we are thankful, and ask that you pray with us about some things. We are thankful that Harold Simon made it through surgery getting cancer removed from his tongue. Please pray that it was all taken care of, we won’t know for a while. He is the most faithful man to our church services in Stevens Village. We are thankful that Mrs. McDonald and other ladies were able to go to the bush and minister to the women that live there. Also, several pastors came to experience firsthand what this ministry is all about. Please pray with us that more ladies would get involved locally and that more pastors would come and see this mission field. The RAM ministry is the epitome of the saying, “Seeing is believing”.

Thank you for praying for us and please keep it up! I will be leaving in minutes to pick up another supporting pastor and his wife, who will be accompanying us on the last boat trip for this season. We are hoping to get them into 4 villages during the few days that they will be with us. While we are waiting for the rivers to freeze, we will be busy in at least 2 missions conferences, visiting 4 churches, and hopefully resolving safety concerns for the tow vehicle and snowmachine trailer before winter. PLEASE be praying with us about these things.

May the Lord bless each of you,
The Pinnix Family

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