The Pinnix Family

November 2022 Newsletter

Dear Friends,


PLEASE accept my apology for this letter being so late. I will not make any excuses for it either. I will let you know that I have learned that I am in over my head trying to keep the same pace I had when 1) I was younger and 2) had four sons helping me every day. For quite some time now, I have been asking for help praying that the Lord would send more laborers to Alaska (Matt 9:28). I do believe that he will do just that, in His time!

The summer season was absolutely great. Many people attended services and we had the opportunity to share the gospel with more people along the rivers than normal. As we wait for the rivers to finish freezing, I always have the opportunity to preach and present RAM to churches in the lower 48. The last month and a half has been exceptional. A church in NY paid for my family to come there, and what a tremendous blessing that was. In conjunction with that, we were able to go to the Home Missions Conference in Yakima, WA again and see my mom in NC for a trip to the beach.

Two notable trips either side of that was to take my third oldest son to Pensacola Christian College to begin a degree in Graphics Design. Then, just last week I returned from a trip to Utah to get some advanced training and initial training for Boaz Jacobs in Powered Paragliding, with Backcountry PPG. He and I had a great experience. It was truly amazing to see a 17yr old spend his own money for the training and also to personally watch him “airdrop tracts” to people next to a lake that we flew over and see a lady go and pick up the tracts!

The most amazing meeting we were able to attend was our sending churches missions conference. This year Pastor McGovern and IBCA held our first ever Alaska exclusive missions conference. It was a huge blessing to see so many Alaska missionaries at the same time. Watching the missionary wives have the opportunity to fellowship was a very emotional thing for me to see. Plus, the Lord moved in our congregation. The Faith Promise increase was substantial enough to add each of those that attended which we didn’t previously support.

We have been invited to other meetings in the lower 48 and even overseas. I truly want to minister the gospel here. But we need help to do that. I have been the main guy doing to preaching which I absolutely love. I have also been the main guy operating, BREAKING, and repairing the ministry equipment. We need men who are called to preach and have mechanical skills to work on equipment. Also, funds to repair, upgrade, and replace worn out equipment is always appreciated. If you have any questions how you can get involved, I would love to hear from you.

In Christ, Brother John