Ministry Is People

Most missionary families can always use more funding and we are not the exception.  I heard a pastor say it like this once.  “You can’t give a good missionary too much money, or a bad one too little”.  However, I will say with out any hesitation, the greatest need here is more gospel preachers across the entire state.  With more than 250 villages off of the road system covering a space as big as the west coast of California to the east coast of Florida, the greatest need is for “laborers in the harvest” [Matthew 9:38].  Most Americans can pick “which church has their favorite color of carpet” as to where they will go and hear preaching.  This is not the case in remote Alaskan villages.  Here are several folks that we have been blessed to give the gospel to who do not have anyone else to turn to get comfort from the preaching of the Bible.  Many would still be in spiritual darkness had you not prayed for and funded us to go and tell them.

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