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March 2020 Newsletter

Praying Friends,

Thank you to those who have prayed for us as we travel to tell the Good News. Caleb and I made it to Nome in January to begin trips to the village of White Mountain. White Mountain is home to over 200 people and about 70 miles by snowmachine from Nome. Brother Terry O’Malia was able to accompany us on our first trip. We were able to visit and witness to a few people while checking out the area. A couple of weeks later, Janet and I took Greg and Ruth Jacobs to Nome and held services at Bible Baptist Church while Pastor and his family were out of town. We truly enjoyed the fellowship and the time spent with them. A couple weeks later, Aaron and I conducted services in Nome again and the following Tuesday, we attempted to go to White Mountain with Pastor Josh Roach by snowmachine. We only made it halfway there when we had to turn back. The winds became steady at 40MPH causing white out and zero visibility at times. It was unsafe to proceed, knowing we would be in this for several more hours to go round trip! Thankfully a man bought us a GPS which got us back safe!

We were able to make a few trips to the interior this quarter as well. We had several people attend service and hear the plan of salvation. Two of these trips were extra special. While Janet and I had an opportunity to attend the Home Missions Conference in Englewood, CO, and raise some funds for a new snowmachine, Brother Greg Jacobs filled the gap! He drove the RIG to the interior so that Caleb and two others from our home church could hold services in Stevens Village and visitation in Healy Lake. It is amazing how God will use a willing heart to keep his ministry going. Equally exciting was having Brother Justin Ross from Washington come up and go with me and Shawn Weisler to the interior and check out RAM. We made it into Stevens Village and had 4 attend services. I enjoyed leading the song service and Brother Ross preached a great message. Our plan was to go to Healy Lake also, but due to the coronavirus they asked us not to come this month. Please pray for the Ross family as they begin deputation and prepare to minister in bush Alaska and possibly partner with us in the RAM ministry.

Please continue to pray for more laborers across Alaska. The virus has hindered us in going and preaching, but we must continue to be “ready to go”. I wish people were more concerned about “the second death” than a virus. There are HUNDREDS of villages with no Gospel preaching and nearly a half dozen mission churches in bush Alaska without a pastor. I asked God about going myself to one of these and for now, he said “No, keep preaching in other villages”. We need more preachers across the globe! Has God called you to preach? Have you asked? Would you go?

Thank you,
The Pinnix Family

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