The Pinnix Family

March 2017 Newsletter

Hello to all of our Friends,

We did make it to North Carolina to be with my parents for Christmas! The last time that this happened was 2009. My parents had no idea that we were coming, so the surprise made it that much more special. I was able to help my Mom sift through much of her financial decisions, list their property for sale, and help her with a few more things around the new place they are living. I will need to make at least one more trip to finalize things. It should be much quicker and easier with just my wife or one kid going along for an out-and-back trip. Each day, my Dad had to have help remembering who some of us were when we would stop by. His memory is going down hill fast. On a positive note, we were blessed with opportunities to present, preach and/or sing in every church we visited. While encouraging some supporting churches, we were also blessed with two new churches that now support us also.

While in the lower 48, the trailer was repaired, and the rivers froze thick enough for snowmachine travel. We were only back for a few days and away we went into the interior to preach the gospel. So far this season we have had new visitors for services in Rampart and Stevens Village. The Bible study in Healy Lake is always hosted and attended by the couple that live there. One exception was during our February visit, neither of them were home, but several people from other villages were there to attend a Village Council Meeting. I had my family and the Weisler’s there for the day and we went door to door and visited everyone that came to the door while it was -27. Before the meeting began, I was asked to “pray for the meeting and say a few words”. I briefly spoke about wisdom (James 1:5) and prayed just before we left.

Even though major structural damage was repaired to the trailer, we had a wheel come off while going down the road. All of the wheel studs sheared off from 7 years of use. We had to “limp” the trailer to a desolate parking place for the evening before we could finish the last 83 miles of our 1,200+ mile trek. The next day we went back with parts, a heater, and manpower to repair that hub on the side of the road. After we returned, we went through the other three hubs and replaced those same parts as well.

We are trying, as fast as we can, to make a major improvement to the boat before the ice goes out. I was blessed to present the need for a boat heater at a Home Missions Conference at the First Baptist Church in Englewood, CO. With 24 churches giving to this need, the heater and accessories are fully funded! Please pray that we can get the items shipped and installed in time to be able to launch the boat in May this year. It will be a blessing to not have to wear winter gear on the boat and have a warm place to sleep in the evening between villages. Please come and see us some time for a life changing experience that will build a greater appreciation for your church’s missions program.

May the Lord continue to bless you,
The Pinnix Family

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