The Pinnix Family

June 2022 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

As I finish this overdue letter, my mom is headed back to the hospital for the second time in two weeks. At the very least, I can say I am preoccupied with things which hasn’t helped me get this out sooner. Please do continue praying for my family and now for my mom for health and strength as she has lots of breathing issues.

The last letter concluded with the Ross family moving to Nome. Today we have three folks from the lower 48 arriving late this evening and Hannah and I get to accompany them to Nome to help the Rosses get some door knocking accomplished and hopefully more improvements on the church and on their house. As with every trip out to Nome over the years we are allowed to take several 50LB pieces of “luggage” with us. It looks like we will be able to take at least 14 and maybe more. This saves hundreds of dollars on shipping things from groceries (a case of water bottles is about $50 in Nome), gear for ministry equipment, and building materials.

In addition to annual maintenance during transition from winter to summer, I have been doing LOTS of flying (see the new video on the Remote Alaska Missions YouTube channel). I am looking froward to delivering more John and Romans to people that we otherwise could not reach. Annual maintenance, Paramotor repairs, and a RIG tire crossed the $3,000 mark, but annual contributions from a several people covered these needs.

So far this season we have been blessed to present the work and preach in five churches in addition the interior circuit. While in the interior we saw one man trust Christ for salvation and two others listened to a gospel presentation outside of preaching services. So far, four new preachers and lay people have gone on these trips. Brother Todd Monaghan not only preached with us in the interior, but he went to SE Alaska with me and we both preached there as well. Three “friends” at New Hope Baptist, got us out on their boats allowing me to bring 150 pounds of fish home. So, anyone who comes to see our ministry will be eating LOTS of halibut.

I have put this out there for years, but we NEED more God called men to minister in the bush. I really feel that I have enough life in me to train a handful of men. With the equipment that God has supplied through your faithful giving, there is almost no limit to the “gospel preaching footprint” we could have across this state! I was contacted this week by a man 5 hours from here at Donkey Lake seeking a preacher to come there. Please consider a visit if you “think” God may be calling you to this ministry. Your eye WILL affect your heart.

In Christ, Brother John