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June 2020 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

We had been in Alaska for a couple of military assignments, but TODAY marks 10 years here in full-time ministry. That said, I hope to publish another video on the Remote Alaska Missions YouTube channel soon recapping what God has done. Most will cover family related things, but I also want to cover the states footprint where the family has had the privilege to minister in various ways, AND the amazing provision God has blessed us with.

In the first quarter, I mentioned that the Justin Ross family may join us and help expand the RAM ministry. Now it is official. They are currently on the deputation full-time. Please consider having them for a meeting and get in touch with me if you would like their contact information. I have published their presentation video on the Remote Alaska Missions YouTube channel if you want to have a look.

The current situation is different as with most everyone with the pandemic; however, we continue to travel “to” villages, but don’t actually get off of the boat. We have borrowed a battery power PA Speaker that we can bluetooth music through and we begin each service with about 40 minutes of hymns. Most of the regular folks come out and even more visitors will come out and stay for the preaching as well. It is humbling to see the people come to the river bank and sit in the weeds or stand the entire service while swatting at swarms of mosquitos. There is no way to know how long the villages will be locked down. PLEASE pray with us, that this will change before winter. I do not expect that we will have many want to stand in the snow with sub-zero temperatures for a service this way. I will admit, I don’t want to ride snowmachines for an hour and stand on the river ice to lead a service either. IF we are still not allowed to go into the villages and hold services, it might be an appropriate time for our first no-kidding furlough. We have only left the state for short periods of time to visit a handful of supporting churches and attend meetings, and also deal with helping my parents. It would feel really strange to be away an entire season!

Even more, things happened this quarter that I didn’t realize would take place so quickly. Our oldest two sons, Nathan and Caleb are both engaged now. WOW, where did the last ten years go? Also, Caleb will be enlisting in the Coast Guard. He will be raising his right hand for an oath this week during our midweek church service!

Thank you,
The Pinnix Family

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