The Pinnix Family

June 2018 Newsletter


When my boys and I returned home from the last winter trip, my family pulled all of the winter gear from the RIG and within 23 hours, we were driving out for the lower 48! We were blessed to see many of you in person. We spent the entire break-up period on the road. During this time we were very diligent to make church services with as many supporting churches as we could and present in new ones. We were able to be in 23 churches in the 55 days we were out and covered over 13,000 miles. The Lord blessed greatly as we visited old friends, made new ones, and picked up 3 supporting churches as well.

At the conclusion of our trip to the lower 48, we were home only 2 days before our first guests showed up to accompany us on our first summer trip. Busy? YES, but what a rewarding time. The Elijah Helms family were a help and we are glad that we were able to let them see what God has called us to do in the interior. I truly believe they will be a great fit for Southeast Alaska! We were able to take them to 3 villages and one homestead. What an adventure though. During this time, the exhaust came apart on the RIG and was temporarily fixed on the side of the road at 11 o’clock at night. We also had two blown tires on the Excursion. We brought the Excursion along because I wasn’t sure if the RIG could maneuver enough to launch the boat at the Yukon River. We blew one tire and put the spare on and 50 miles later, we blew a second tire. While I was making calls to Fairbanks via SAT phone to check into getting a tire delivered, a truck with an empty flatbed trailer pulled in front of us and hauled us to Fairbanks! We had not seen but 5 other vehicles all day! If we would have had to get a tire delivered, it would have been at least a 4 hour wait. God is so good!

As most know, I have battled debilitating migraines for 13 years. Now each time we are on the road and I have one, I am able to simply pull over, park, take an injection, and go to bed in the RIG. It is a strange thing that I will tear up with joy and thankfulness for the RIG after all these years of my wife or even my kids having to help set up a tent and put me to bed. Not to mention, my family is very grateful to be able to spend evenings in it as well and not have pack up muddy tents each evening, and hand wash them back home. What a blessing!

Please pray for us as we continue the busiest season yet. We have had so many pastors from the lower 48 ask to come and visit our family and check out our ministry, that we are making double the trips to the interior. We are tired already, but the encouragement that these preachers are to us and those in the bush, makes it worth it all. Each time we go to just Stevens Village and to Rampart we are able to witness to and preach to people that were not there the previous trip! God knows what he’s doing. Now if only I did. ☺

THANK YOU for your prayers and supporting us,
The Pinnix Family

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