The Pinnix Family

June 2017 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

The last several weeks during family devotions, I spent much time in the book of Psalms. We can see that it is very important to “praise the Lord”. I explained to my children that one of the simplest ways to praise his name, is with giving of thanks. With that said, I will share several things that we are thankful for, that the Lord has done for us since our last letter. First, praise the Lord, our 6 year old daughter, Rebekah was saved and baptized. It is so sweet hearing her tender prayers for the lost and her sincere request to be used of God.

Secondly, we made it on the circuit one last time before break-up. My pastor was able to go on a winter trip and preach in Stevens Village. The Lord protected us, by giving the warmest temperatures and best trails of the season. The state even began to plow a winter road over one of our snowmachine trails to the village of Rampart! The Lord also provided in unusual ways. There is a workers camp at the Yukon River that is normally only manned in the summer months. Since my pastor was on the trip, this place was open and we even got to shower there! That has NEVER happened before. My pastor didn’t get to experience extremely cold temperatures, blown tires, and we didn’t even get stuck a single time! I think he must have spent more time praying for the RAM ministry since he was going to be with us this time! Such a boring trip…

Thirdly, we were blessed to attended a missions conference, and a preachers meeting in Washington and were able to purchase a drone to fly ahead of our boat on new or braided routes to operate much safer! As we began our third season with the Wooldridge boat (which thanks to you all, now has heat in it!), we were able to use this drone to keep us well clear of dangers and in the best channel along a hairy ride to villages on the Tanana River. The drone is about two-thirds paid for and has already been a tremendous blessing. We hope to use the drone this season to capture some amazing footage of the dangerous routes that we travel as well as the austere conditions in the villages that we travel to. Hopefully we will have a new ministry presentation built for you all as a result!

Finally, we are nervous and excited about what lies ahead for our family. My right hand man, Nathan will be headed to Calvary Baptist Bible College in just a few weeks. We STILL have tow vehicle and trailer issues which need to be addressed that only the Lord can provide. We are also excited for several of our supporters who are scheduled to arrive throughout the summer to accompany us into the interior. Please pray about joining us as well for a trip and that God will send more laborers into the field of Alaska.

The Pinnix Family

P.S. If you would like copies of our new prayer cards or bookmarks, just let us know how many!

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