The Pinnix Family

January 2024 Newsletter

Dear Friends,
Thank you so much for your prayers, notes, extra support, and encouragement this past Christmas season. We pray this update finds you all well and serving our Savior. After the last summer trip in October, we drove the RIG to the lower 48 for repairs and to attend a Home Missions Conference at Wilson Creek Baptist Church in Missouri. The family enjoyed spending time with friends and making new ones. After the conference we left the RIG at a truck center in Springfield to have the engine looked at. During this time we spent time with family before flying back to Alaska for repairing other equipment to prepare for the winter season.

The OLD snowmachine trailer needed 5 tires, brakes, and bearings among other things. One of those “other things” was a deadly propane leak. In addition to annual maintenance, one snowmachine had blown most of the lugs on the right side and now has a new track. Meanwhile, news came from Missouri that the oil leak was fixed. That cost has been covered, and for now the engine should work fine for the foreseeable future. Hallelujah for that!

We are now looking for a service center that would be able to insulate the RIG and modify a few things so that it can be used in -30 degree weather. The original manufacturer is a year out to get it in and their estimated cost is still being determined. Over the years the ministry has evolved from our 4 oldest boys, to Janet and the girls, so upgrading the heat and plumbing is a must. There is a used one for sale that was built for these temperatures, so we could sell ours and purchase that. We want what God wants!

We were all prepared for the first interior winter circuit of 2024 and the day before the scheduled leave time, Janet, our daughter-in-law Jordan, and 4 of the kids were in a roll-over accident on their way to homeschool chapel. The extent of their injuries was ONLY Joel and Rebekah each getting a cut on their hand! However, due to this we had to cancel the interior circuit until February. We are still sorting out replacing the totaled Excursion.

The services at Coldfoot should continue by Cornerstone Baptist in North Pole. In addition to them, we still need full-time help. Please pray with us for more God called families.

Thank you for again your prayers and continued support.
The Pinnix Family