The Pinnix Family

January 2020 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

Covid restrictions haven’t changed much in Alaska. We are still not allowed to go into the villages, so we continued travel via boat and ministered to people on the bank at each village. Our last circuit of the summer was the same, and at the last village I preached to just one person that came to the dock. I was able to give him a clear presentation of the gospel. He didn’t get saved at that time, but we left him a lot to ponder this winter.  

Since we are still not allowed into the villages, we left for the lower 48 when rivers started to freeze.  One of our supporting pastors supplied us with a “work letter” to appease the Canadian border guards.  It let Canada know that we would be working with our supporting churches so we were able to pass through the border with no problem.  We have been in several of our supporting churches that we haven’t been to in a while, some in over 10 years. We have also had the privilege of being in a few new churches and have had the privilege of meeting new people and telling them about the RAM ministry.  This has kept people motivated in missions and also allowed for some much needed family time.

We were able to spend Thanksgiving with Caleb and Pam at his first Coast Guard assignment. I was able to preach at our oldest sons wedding.  Nathan and Jordan had a beautiful wedding and we enjoyed our time with them.  We continue to pray for them as Nathan finishes up his last semester of bible college and prepares to do what God will have him to do.  We had all planned to spend Christmas day with my mom and dad, but after being at their facility for just a short time, a call came and the facility implemented a lockdown for another Covid scare, so we left and continued to more churches.

We eventually arrived in Corpus Christi Texas on the 14th along with the Justin Ross family to begin 10 straight days of powered paraglider training.  A man in S.C. sent the funds to procure equipment which we plan to use to further the gospel in Alaska.  Since we are unable get into the villages and homesteads in a conventional way, we are looking into unconventional means of getting the gospel to them.  Careful study of satellite imagery reveals hundreds of such places that would be nearly impossible to get to by fixed wing aircraft and very difficult at best by boat or snowmachine.  

Please continue to pray for us as we finish up our travels here in the lower 48 and head toward home.  The RIG has to have some work done on it at the factory in February and we hope to be headed back to Alaska the beginning of March.  If enough folks help with funds, we hope to tow a 4WD truck back with us. We are thankful for everyone of you who have faithfully supported us and prayed for us.  May He bless you for it!

The Pinnix Family