The Pinnix Family

February 2023 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

The end of 2022 came and went. We were blessed to be with a suppor@ng church here in Alaska where I was able to preach, and the kids sang. We enjoyed our @me at Greatland Bap@st Church and are thankful for all that they do for us. They are our stop in Delta Junc@on on our way to Healy Lake. They keep and maintain a 4×4 van for us to use in the summer for launching the boat and for traveling the ice road in the winter.
New Year’s Day 2023 started with a preaching service in Stevens Village. The Saturday before we spent @me in Rampart visi@ng with some of the people there. This first trip of the winter is typically extremely dark and cold, and this year was s@ll dark, but wasn’t as cold at -13.

We were blessed to have a couple from Illinois come up to help work on our basement. We’re trying to turn it into a missions apartment for people to stay in while they take trips with us or for missionaries in the bush when visi@ng the road system. The drywall is hung, and Joshua and I installed the in-floor heat. For now it’s warm, but we are s@ll working on the cozy piece.

The end of January I was able to drive a vehicle and trailer for missionary Elijah Helms to Alaska to begin his ministry in Cordova. The day aZer we arrived, in state, Elijah and I with the help of some young men from our home church took a ferry to Cordova, unloaded two trailers, and got him set up for his family to join him. Please pray as they get se\led and see what God will have them to do. AZer that, I returned home and took those same young men to the interior for the February circuit. We got to witness to a man from France and a lady from Norway while at Rampart. It’s amazing who we find in bush Alaska. We had 5 in service at Stevens Village and had great fellowship aZer the service. One man had lots of doctrinal ques@ons which means he is reading the Bible. We couldn’t make it to Healy Lake because the ice road was driZed over, and we couldn’t get through the two-foot driZs across the lake. AZer traveling over 50 miles, some by 4×4, we made it to the last 2 miles and had to turn around!

Thank you for your prayers and those who gave to repair the boat cover, it looks amazing. Please con@nue to pray that God will send more laborers to help in this vast ministry. Doors are open in more places, but I can only do so much.

Thank you,
The Pinnix Family