The Pinnix Family

December 2017 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Our last mailing was not a normal thing for us. We don’t normally solicit specific funds. This was just the timing that the Lord gave me peace about sharing the specific vehicle need that you have read about for several years. In November we asked for help raising $25,000, and you all helped us raise nearly $30,000! These funds didn’t show up in time to get the newer RIG I sent pictures of in November, but we did get another one that I believe, though older, is better for our needs! I am happy to send additional pictures to anyone that wants them as well as field questions. One church has already had me field questions during their Christmas banquet, where nearly $2,500 was given to help get the RIG to Alaska! Hallelujah!! Feel free to call and ask how we plan to renovate this RIG for arctic use, OR come and see it first hand and take a trip to the bush with us. In addition to funds for the RIG, individuals as well as churches gave abundantly to our family for Christmas this year. We are so thankful for each of you!

We have much work to do to the RIG to outfit it for arctic climates, but we have two men ready to design, fabricate, and install a special lift/ramp so we can haul 4 snowmachines inside. Another man is going to try and make himself available to renovate the interior of the RIG next fall, to better insulate and heat it so that we can actually use the plumbing onboard. I can’t imagine the awesomeness of being able to take my entire family to the bush during winter months. Wow, I can hardly wait!

Our last summer trip was conducted in October with Pastor Dan Caldwell and his wife Lori accompanying us to the interior. Thanks to MANY of you, all of the adults were able to sleep onboard the boat with heat inside. We slept warm at 66 degrees while our young “tuff” boys, fared well at 28 degrees outside in their tents. Caleb said listening to the heater run all night made him “think” it was warm… In addition to preaching in Stevens Village we also hauled 2 barrels of heating oil for Harold Simon. We look forward to heading back there soon.

Please continue praying about others who are interested in helping with expanding the footprint of RAM and getting the gospel into Southeast Alaska. I have been in close contact with two laymen and two missionary family’s on deputation to work in SE Alaska. One of our friends who has accompanied us on several trips in various parts of the state is wanting to be more involved. He is considering using the snowmachine trailer we have and hosting other preachers during winter months. We need much prayer and wisdom about this. Would we use our time and efforts to go to new places, or would we try and go more often to the same places, or would we do both?

May each of us be faithful in 2018,
The Pinnix Family

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