The Warren Family

Aug/Sept 2020

Greetings in the Name of the Lord,

     Despite the Covid 19 lockdown, we have been able to continue ministering safely, and have been able to keep the church open to 25 people in the auditorium, and up to four people in each of the smaller rooms of the church, the foyer, office, nursery, and utility room. We have been careful to keep everything disinfected, and have church goers come in the front and exit out the back. We have also been able to continue counseling as well. God is good, and none of our flock has contracted the virus! We know of several churches that have had members get the virus, and some that have had churchgoers pass away, and you are in our prayers. We also canceled any church groups coming out this summer and fall due to all of the restrictions on travel, it just wasn’t feasible.  

     While preaching and living like Christ is coming back this instant, we are also planning and preparing for the future, as no man knows the hour of our Lord’s return. We had to cancel any plans for building a youth camp this summer, due to the Corona Virus, as the land down river we plan on using is close to 60 miles away by boat from Saint Mary’s, and 20 miles from the nearest village of Emmonak, and getting any emergency help during the Covid 19 lockdown is uncertain at best if any medical emergency should arise. Lord willing, next summer we will continue with these plans. We are going to try to build three cabins and two outhouses, all from drift logs collected off of the Yukon River. We’ll have a cabin for the boys and men, one for the girls and women, with their respective outhouses, and a cabin for storing food and cooking in, so the bears won’t be attracted to the buildings we sleep in. We’ll need a few hands to labor over the next few summers to see this camp completed, and some funds for materials, such as nails, screws, tin for the roofs, etcetera. We already have most of the big tools we will need, like a generator (No power within 20 miles!) and sawmill, praise God! 

     We are thankful for the extra funds sent in to help pay the church property off, God is good! If the Lord doesn’t come back, and I don’t pass away anytime soon, one of my goals here in Saint Mary’s is to get the church debt free before the next Pastor takes over. 

     With the fear and uncertainty caused by the Corona Virus lockdown, we have actually been able to witness to some new people, especially my wife. She has been able to minister to and get to know several ladies during this time. God kills many birds with one stone, and one of the things he is accomplishing with the Covid 19 is getting lost people’s attention.

     Please pray for the saved adults in church, as they are baby Christians, and are struggling with growth in the Lord during the pandemic. Especially be in prayer for the two teenagers who were saved a few months ago, as followup has been difficult during the lockdown.

In Christ,                                                                                                                                                                                                Israel J. Warren                                                                                                                                                                                    Psalm 34:6

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