The Pinnix Family

April 2019 Newsletter

Prayer Warriors,

During break-up we were blessed to have the time, funds, and help, to build shelving in the garage to store all of our ministry equipment, and conduct the annual maintenance on the RIG and boat. In addition the boat trailer has been completely overhauled minus axles. We even have new tires on it. Janet and I were also able to make two trips to the lower 48. The first one was planned in order to present the work in two new churches. The second trip however was unplanned when we received news that my mom had pneumonia and my dad was being transported to hospital for possible stroke. We were blessed to hitch a ride for free on Air Force airplane all the way to North Carolina. While there, local churches provided transportation and lodging throughout our stay. We were able to report to supporting churches as well as present the ministry in two new churches. Given what they have gone through my parents are actually doing pretty well. We are thankful for your prayers.

Already this summer we have traveled on five rivers. Most of our journeys are preaching the gospel where we have already had an open door. Not only have we been able to minister to people spiritually, but physically as well. We even used the boat which that you folks graciously purchased to pull someones shed out of the river that had succumbed to erosion.

Other preachers within the state are very important to the Remote Alaska Missions ministry. We were blessed to be able to help Israel Warren load and ship another container bound for St. Mary’s with a new boat motor, sawmill, and his pickup. I have another preacher interested in operating our original inflatable boat on river near him to reach villages and homesteads in his region. Please pray that we will have wisdom and safety.

Our second trip on the interior circuit was not without incident. First of all we were delayed a day in Fairbanks getting the boat trailer tires. This was not all that stressful because you folks have already given to purchase them. Our second incident was a very grumpy bear between homes in the village that would not go away. Me and my boys carry guns for this purpose. Caleb was given a 44 Magnum over a year ago and while walking with his sister this bear was put to sleep forever. We are thankful for Gods prevision and protection!

Upcoming events worthy of your prayers and support are, preachers in the lower 48 coming to see what RAM is all about. Also there are people here in Alaska wanting to help us distribute John and Romans in remote areas. This will require hours of time and many gallons of gas. Please continue to pray for us.

In Christ,
The Pinnix Family

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