For up to 2 months during the fall while waiting  for rivers to completely freeze for snowmachine travel, and again during the spring while waiting for the river ice to thaw completely to resume boat travel, we travel exclusively by aircraft.  In 2008 I was diagnosed  with migraine headaches which ended any flying for me.  Since that time we have been blessed to meet and become friends with the Malpass family at Mission Air Care.  We have used this organization for almost all of our aviation needs.  Occasionally we have used commercial commuter flights that have regular scheduled routes between larger villages.  In the future, we hope to capitalize on Space A travel on board Air Force aircraft utilizing my retired status.  If it weren’t for being able to fly during the freeze-up and break-up periods, our circuit ministry would be at almost a standstill.  Again, because of few small villages with published Instrument Approach Procedures, weather cancellations to these smaller villages is about 75%.

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