Since RAM’s inception in 2007, God has called me to reach farther than we ever have before.  In order for this to be realized in Alaska, you need an airplane, a long range boat, or both.   The Lord has impressed us to go with the boat option so that the entire family can travel together.  From day one, we have either used our little red inflatable boat or rented a 20 foot boat, both have limited range and load hauling capabilities. With the RIGHT boat we can go much further and haul more workers and supplies, hence, touch more people with the gospel. The boat God has opened the door for us to get is a premier, 25 foot, diesel powered jet boat manufactured by Wooldridge Boats in Seattle, WA.  We will get approximately 40% better economy and 350 miles additional range with this boat!  It’s larger size is much better for the larger rivers that are home to thousands of people living in native villages, but not too large to travel smaller rivers where numerous single-family homesteads exist.  We are very blessed by the boat builder, many individuals, and churches who have helped us get this new boat to about 90% complete.  With the help of all, we can own this boat free and clear. Investment in this boat is much more than one mission trip into the bush, or even a summers worth Bible camps for native kids. This boat will enable myself and my children to reach into remote Alaska year after year.  Please join me and my family.  The gospel message is free, but it costs money to get it out there.  May God bless each of you for your prayers and support!