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Missionary to Alaska.

Snowmachine Trailer

After traveling in Alaska during the winter months beginning 2005, I learned that using an open snowmachine trailer for hundreds of miles and then having to chip ice and snow off of your equipment is NOT how to do this as a full-time missionary. I realized that towing an enclosed snowmachine trailer that could double as a sleeping quarters was the only way to go. While I was in the lower 48 finishing my military career, I made it my main goal to drive back Continue reading →

RAM Ministry Videos

There are more videos people have built for us available on our YouTube channel that will help you understand the RAM ministry. This video in particular will show you in less than 5 minutes a “big picture” of what it is like to travel from the Yukon River Bridge to Stevens Village.  That would be the closest of numerous villages that could be reached from the only bridge crossing the worlds 5th largest river.  You will also ‘see’ an example of the hundreds of people Continue reading →

The Wooldridge Boat

Since RAM’s inception in 2007, God has called me to reach farther than we ever have before.  In order for this to be realized in Alaska, you need an airplane, a long range boat, or both.   The Lord has impressed us to go with the boat option so that the entire family can travel together.  From day one, we have either used our little red inflatable boat or rented a 20 foot boat, both have limited range and load hauling capabilities. With the RIGHT boat Continue reading →

Missions Goals

Our goals for Remote Alaska Missions: •Evangelism through preaching services and personal visitation •Establishment of regular preaching circuits •Direct discipleship and distribution of tapes, CDs and an online Bible college •Special summer trips: vacation Bible school, revival tent meetings, etc. •Support Alaskan missionaries with building projects, transportation, shipping goods, and special meetings. •Maintain a fund for purchasing fuel for travel to the bush. •Establish churches under missionary and trained local leadership

Ministry Is People

Most missionary families can always use more funding and we are not the exception.  I heard a pastor say it like this once.  “You can’t give a good missionary too much money, or a bad one too little”.  However, I will say with out any hesitation, the greatest need here is more gospel preachers across the entire state.  With more than 250 villages off of the road system covering a space as big as the west coast of California to the east coast of Florida, Continue reading →


  During the winter months we are able to reach even more places by way of snowmachine than we can during the summer months by boat.  Throughout the state of Alaska there are hundreds of remote homestead cabins, mines, and  fishing and hunting lodges that are inaccessible by rivers along the road system.  Hence during the winter months we are able to use snowmachines to go over land between rivers and reach even more remote locations.    While flying over cabins en-route to a village, we Continue reading →


When I was nearing the end of my Air Force career, I knew we would be needing a large house for my size family.  We bought this house that had been at a standstill for many years for a good deal.   We were blessed to design the floor plan to suit our needs for six children with one on the way.  We moved here after retiring from the Air Force in July of 2010.  There were no walls in the home, no windows, no Continue reading →

Garage Addition

After being in ministry full-time for two winters, maintaining equipment out in the wind, snow, and cold is hard on anyone.  We had just completed our woodshed in July 2012 when I got a phone call from a man in one of our supporting churches offering to help fund a garage.  I literally hadn’t even climbed off the shed roof when he said, “This needs to happen THIS year”. Once we got enough money for the foundation and concrete was in the ground, many started Continue reading →

Life in Alaska

Many people in the lower 48 do not realize some basic things about our state.  I will discuss a few of them.  At the end, I will have pictures with captions to help you better understand. 1) Alaska is not an island between California and Hawaii.  My wife actually had a lady ask her, “How does it snow there, but not in California and Hawaii?” 2) Alaska is not the same as Alabama with 5 feet of snow.  In a space that spans as far Continue reading →


My family moved to Palmer, Alaska and into this incomplete house after retiring from the Air Force in July 2010.  Once we got here from Alabama, it was a matter of prioritizing what must be done in order to prepare for winter.  Getting the home insulated, minimal plumbing & wiring installed was our number one priority.  That meant that firewood would be procured after snow was already on the ground. This was an oversight on our part since this was the first home we had Continue reading →